Tuesday, March 13, 2018

How to convert video to text using google docs updated 2018 - Technology era

Few days ago, i posted about the article about how to convert microphone recorded audio to text using google docs which seems to be liked by many people.

Google docs is mainly  used for creating  and editing documents at the same time through the use of laptops and PC along smart phones.

After going through the comments of previous article , I found that many people were interested to read  another article and video about transcribe audio to text.

So, I am back with another article which will help u all guys to convert youtube videos or music videos to text.
This article  might be helpful to people who are wasting their time on writing article from video.

It can help you to make subtitle of youtube video also which will be discussed in future article keep visiting

software which can convert our sound speech to text automatically .

Now, we don’t need to roam here and there for this we have  a google tools which help to convert the audio in to text.

As a result, now we can convert our video audio into text for the blogs and website.

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check the video tutorial