Sunday, May 17, 2015

Speed up your slow computer Quicks trick

 Speed up your  slow computer Quicks


Following steps were belows:

                               First Method

1.go to start box type %temp% in search box and press enter.
2.All temp files were then listed select all by pressing Ctrl+A and delete all.

                              Second method 

  Download CCleaner and run the  analyzer and optimize belows as steps shown follow it

1.Click on CCleaner on ccleaner above registry

3.Click on analyze 

4.Then finally click on Run cleaner option and u are done 

5.Follow same steps first click on registry then analyze click on ok if any option occur then 
Finally Run Cleaner Above.

Finally Download link of CCleaner below.
click on it and see above steps.


Third method

1.Download and use Tuneup utilities
    link below

                                            Fourth Method

1.Download and use advanced care setup
    download link belows:
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