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Wednesday, May 27, 2015 is scam site and not legit,check it how?

As this website is spreading among the people as the earning sites for home based jobs

The Fake Internet Job Website

CashWeGo Inc is a large-scale marketing and referral company in the United States of America. It was founded in 2010 and paying its members for doing tasks and activities which are given to them. Join the website and perform your task to get earn. There is no any fee, no any membership fee and no any paid thing. All is free... The main thing is your passion to the completion of task and promote to the friends.
If you are student, un-employed, use internet daily ?
You use facebook, Google+ or twitter ? YES
Then you can earn every month from CashWeGo up to 500$ daily
Earn 5$ for every link visit / opening by your friend.

The Fake Internet Job Website

The website should not be trusted because it does not provide a secure connection on its registration page or other sensitive pages, which is used to secure information like your name, address, email and password, when you submit it to them.
A secure website starts with "https", instead of the standard unsecured "http".
Every legitimate website that deals with personal and financial information must have a secure connection (https://) that is used to protect its users information when it is transmitted over the internet.
These scammers will continue to use the same website under different website names. So, if you stumble upon a website looking like the one above, please do not register or take part in any activity on it.

The website CashWeGo is similar to the following websites:

The website '', which claims that you can earn money performing certain tasks and activities that are given to you, is a scam. Do not register with CashWeGo Inc or similar websites like it, because you will only help make the scammers behind these websites get richer, and put yourself at risk when you provide them with your personal information.
The website CashWeGo .com is similar to the www.monthlyyouth .com, www.youth2payment .com and lot of other fake online job websites. All the scammers did was to change the name of the website and content.