Saturday, May 16, 2015

100% working Tricks to get facebook autolikes,autoshare and autopost

 1.Go to then Click on 1st line click here where to allow HTC App given

 2.then you will get the above URL and copy it

 3.go back to first page and click on 2 click here then you will get above URL and copy all starting from https: to all

 4.then paste the URL on the first page shown below and click on submit

 5.then login successful occur if done according to above steps.

      note if error occurs try to do from start

 6.Then after successful login below occur just click on photoliker for profile and cover photo auto like and other option for other likes.

 7.Select the pic on submit button of the required pic

 9.finally your like will be increase as shown in the notification of above profile.

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