Tuesday, April 02, 2013

How to protect your wifi full article

WIFI protection

 In this article we are going to cover how to protect your Wi-fi being stolen and detect the thief. 
It covers Wi-Fi set up, Router configuration, Network Key set up and how to get all computers in your Wi-Fi network.
It is really important to protect Wi-Fi, the problem would be in a case where your neighbor is connecting to you WI-Fi and doing suspicious activities. You will never know what is he doing and how. But yes if the suspicious activity been caught by cyber-crime, you will be the culprit because everything was banging from your Wi-Fi and it will reflect your identity. Beware! This is really serious.
It could be a daunting task for less tech savy. I will guide you through few simple steps to protect Wi-Fi
You don’t have to perform this If you have already set up a network key during router configuration.
  • Read router manual carefully and try to configure security settings
  • Keep your network key difficult to guess for anyone but easier for you (this has been covered in previous post)
  • 99 percent of the people who could hack your Wi-Fi will be discouraged by the strong network key
  • Verify if your router configuration authentication has been changed, all routers come with default username and blank or admin password. Change it at the first place though it asks during the first time installation as well.
  • Go to Start and Control Panel
Start-Control Panel
Start-Control Panel
  • Select Network and Internet then click on Change adapter settings
netork connection
network connection
  • Right click on Wireless Network Connections and select status
Network Connection Properties
Network Connection Properties
  • On the status window, click on wireless properties
Wireless Newtork Connection Status
Wireless Network Connection Status
Click on Security tab, your security type should be WPA2 which is the most advanced mechanism. Encryption type as AES. Enter your network security key and apply settings.
Wireless Network Connection Security
Wireless Network Connection Security
  • Turn ON MAC address, in the preivious post it has been shown how to setup IP. In the same page there is an option to copy/apply your machine MAC. Enabling MAC will allow only your machine to connect to Wi-Fi
Please follow these simple steps and I and you will be definitely safe from intruder. Don’t forget you are safe in your Wi-Fi and you have to take care in open WI-Fi while connecting your smart phone, laptop or tablet.