Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How to know Who visited your facebook Profile

Ethicalguy gopal 

Who visited your facebook Profile ....

So now I got Answer, from this Trick just follow the Steps !!!

How to know if someone, visit's your facebook profile ? 

  • Go to Your facebook profile page.
  • Right click on your mouse and select 'View Page Source' or just hit Ctrl+U.
  • Now hit Ctrl+F and search for "ordered_list.top_friends" (without quotes).
  • You will see a series of profile IDs within quotes.

  • These are the profile IDs of your friends who visit your profile more often.
  • The first one visits the most number of time while the last one visits hardly takes a visit.
  • Copy any one profile ID & paste it in the browser's address bar as '\PROFILE-ID' and hit Enter to know who is it.
  • For Eg.