Saturday, March 09, 2013

information about RAT with download link

What is RAT (Remote Access
Trojan) ?
RAT stands for Remote Access
Trojan or Remote Administration
Tool. It is one of the most
dangerous virus out their over the
internet. Hacker can use RAT to get
complete control to your computer.
He can do basicly anything with
your computer. Using RAT hacker
can install keyloggers and other
malicious viruses remotely to your
computer, infect files on your
system and more. In this post i will
tell you about what hacker can do
with your computer using RAT and
tell you about some commonly use
RAT by hackers.
# What is RAT ?
As i have told you in my
introduction paragraph RAT is
Remote Access trojan. It is a peace
of software or program which
hacker uses to get complete control
of your computer. It can be send to
you in form of images, videos or
any other files. Their are some RAT
that even your antivirus software
can not detect. So always be sure
about what you are downloading
from the internet and never save or
download files that anonymous user
send you over the mail or in chat
# What You can do with RAT ?
Once a RAT is installed on any
computer hacker can do almost
anything with that computer. Some
malicious task that you can do with
RAT are listed below:
* Infecting Files
* Installing Keyloggers
* Controlling Computer
* Remotely start webcam, sounds,
movies etc
* Using your PC to attack Website
* View Screen
# Harmless RAT or Good RAT?
As you have seen how harmfull RAT
are for your computer, but their
are some good RAT which some of
you might be using daily. You might
have heard of TeamViewer, it is a
software which you use to control
some one's computer with his
permission for file transfer, sharing
your screen and more.
# Some Commonly Used RAT
* ProRAT
* CyberGate RAT
* DarkComet RAT