Friday, March 22, 2013

How to know your friends ip address when chatting on a instant messenger

How to know your friends ip address when chatting on a instant messenger

Today I am going to tell you something about backdoor attacks the first step of this attack is to know remote systems IP.

First of all discuss something about IP addresses -IP address- every system connected to a network has a unique 32 bit IP address divided into four fields of 8 bit each. An hackers first step is to find out IP of the targeted system.
A remote IP address can easily be found by following methods.
Instant messenging
E-mail headers
Or through tracert
Today we disscuss about instant messenger and tracert only
Through instant messenger-

if you are chatting on a instant messenger like msn,g-talk or yahoo.
The following connection will exist between yours and your friends system
Your system->Chat server->friends system

To know your friend's system IP you have to establish a direct connection ask your friend to gift him a new latest song . Send him a song , Wallpaper or any other file through instant messenger , a direct connection will be established between your and your friends system.

Now go to MSDOS means type cmd in run and type netstat -n in command prompt , This command will give you your friends computer's IP address, Now you are ready for a backdoor attack.

Precautions- ! chat online after logging in with a proxy server.

!! don't accept file from strangers

If you want to know your favorite sites IP address you can know by tracert To do this type tracert command in cmd and after a space type url of the site.