Sunday, February 10, 2013

Reveal Passwords Behind Asterisks or Dots in google chrome

Remember the situation, signing into your account with just a single click because browser is saving all your passwords for you. We know this is convenient but since you’re not typing your passwords any-more, eventually you’ll forget your password in a few days.  For security reasons, the password field in all browsers is masked with “asterisks” which won’t allow any third person (even you) to read the origi-nal typed password. But, what if you want to reveal the string behind the asterisks? There is actually few workaround for revealing the original passwords behind the asterisk and over the entire course of this article we’ll be discussing some known ways to reveal the characters behind the asterisks in different browsers.

Reveal Passwords Behind Asterisks or Dots in google chrome:

Google Chrome:

Starting off with Google chrome, the easiest way to reveal the original passwords behind the asterisk is using inbuilt Inspect element feature in the browser.
  • You just need to right click on the password field in the browser where you will get an option "Inspect Element". 
  • After clicking on it, "Web Inspector" will open out and there you can see some code which is basically Html code and you just need to replace the "password" word with "text" word and it will reveal the words behind the asterisks.

There’s another way using JavaScript which is quite quick and easy as compared to above method. Just open a site that allows users to login and after typing the password, just enter the following JavaScript code in the address bar.
Javascript: alert(document.getElementById('Passwd').value);
After entering the above code in the address bar, press enter and it will pop up a window with your password written on it.