Tuesday, February 05, 2013

How to create new Partition without Formatting a Hard Disk?

  • How to create new Partition
    without Formatting a Hard Disk?

    If your Hard-disk contain 3
    partitionsin your PC and you
    need to create 1 more partition
    then what will you do? Most of
    people are doing the following
    methods to create new partition
    in Hard-disk.
    Format the Hard-disk and create
    a new partition. Let’s see an
    easier method to create a new
    partition without formatting a
    To do this we don’t need any
    software and also no need to
    copy the data to separate drives.
    By doing the following methods
    we can create a New Partition
    from System Drive.
    Right Click on My Computer
    Click Manage
    Now “ Computer Management”
    window will appear.
    In that window Click Storage
    Then select Disk Management.
    In that window Hard-disk and
    other Storage Media detail will
    be shown.
    Now select a Disk drive to create
    a New Partition.
    Right Click on particular Drive
    then Click Shrink Volume.
    Now windows will show the free
    space in particular partition.
    Type the disk size to create New
    Partition in Shrink Window.
    Now click on “Shrink” , within
    few seconds a New Disk will be
    Still Accessible is not done in
    New Disk.
    Now Right Click on Unallocated
    Drive . Select New Simple
    Click on Next. Now give a size to
    the New Partition. (you can
    choice wholesize right now)
    Select a Drive letter and Click on
    Then select Format Setting ->
    File System ->
    NTFS. And keep others as
    default. (if you need you can
    change this)
    Put a tick on “Performances a
    Quick Format” and Click on
    Now the New Partition is created
  • successfully.