Sunday, February 10, 2013

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A man built a hotel that was designed to kill its guest.

HH Holmes is one of the first
documented American serial killers. One of his sickest and notorious schemes is a “Castle” he built in Chicago that he opened at the time of the 1893 World’s Fair as
a hotel. The hotel had
numerous rooms and ways
to kill people and it was so
effective, that it’s unknown
how many victims he claimed.

Holmes bought a lot in the
Englewood neighborhood of Chicago and started building. The “Castle” as it was dubbed by the neighbors,was a full block in area and three stories high. He constantly changed the
builders so that he was the
only one who knew the full
layout of the place. It has a
maze of over 100 windowless rooms with
doorways opening to brick
walls, oddly-angled hallways, stairs to nowhere, door that only opened from the outside… overall a really
creepy place.

After the hotel was completed, Holmes selected
mostly female victims from
among his employees, and
guests that came in from the world’s fair. He would
torture and kill them by
doing things like locking them in soundproof bedrooms with gas lines that let them asphyxiate.