Tuesday, December 18, 2012

how to remove virus from USB drive

  • USB drives have become a big problem in offices,colleges,hostels. Plug it in and In case your antivirus fail to detuct a malicious file or virus in the USB then, the USB drive can be made to automatically start a program the moment it is plugged in.
  • And this is exactly where USB Firewall come into the picture. USB Firewall alerts a user when a USB peripheral tries to auto start a potentially malicious file. a potentially malicious fileYou can then delete the file with the delete button.
  • As soon as USB FireWall is launching, it works in background task, its window is shown only when one program tries to launch out automatically from an USB peripheral.
  • USB FireWall is a freeware and its functionality is limited, if ever the malicious program is already present in your system, it tries to stop it but a patch or an Antivirus program is much more adapted to this kind of problem. Just remember to start USB Firewall before you plug a USB into your PC.
  • A must have tool if you don’t have an antivirus. It is Free!