Tuesday, December 25, 2012

How to Lock Your PC with Your Pen-drive

Hello Friends After a Short Interval I am Back With an amazing trick that most of my readers going to like and share it on Facebook. The Trick is about how to lock your PC with an pen-drive.


So, most of you wants to keep your PC personal but everyone like your friends or family members or your roommate keeps using your PC in your absence. Even you have protected it for password they will find it out or they will ask you directly and you have to tell them because they are close to you and you or you can't refuse them at all so I will tell you a very helpful trick that will make your PC almost inaccessible in your absence this is the trick about How to make your PC protected with pen-drive. The pen-drive will act as an key of your PC the PC will work only if you attach the pen-drive to it. So lets see this trick.


If the above link Did not work then click http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?aecc43m6p34xnqt

How the Software works?

  • When You will insert your pen-drive the pc will be unlocked.
  • When you will remove the pen-drive the PC will be locked again.

So this is the trick that is useful to all of you I think. like us in facebook and follow in twitter