Monday, December 24, 2012

How to Backup And Restore the Important Data in window 7

How to Backup And Restore the Important Data
In windows 7 you Can Backup the Important Data and Information to the External Hard Drive or Pen Drive

Lets Begins

1) Go to start menu search Tab Box field and type Backup

2) Now from the List of Program Open Backup and Restore or Backup your Computer

3) now Click on Setup Backup and Please wait for some moment to configure the wizard

4) Insert your External Hard disk

5) Now select External Hard Disk Or Pen Drive as Removable Disk (here all the PC data will Save )

6) Now Click Next option

7) Tick mark Let me choose Option and Click the Next Option

8) Now Select as Tick Mark to your important Folders to Backup from your Computer System
Here Clicking on Aero Mark like this > will take to inside of Drive Where you Can select the particular folder to backup instead of whole Computer data

9) Now after select the Particular important Data Click on Next

10) Now Click on "Save settings And Run Nackup"

11) and Wait your Data Backups is in Progress

12) Now you Can Restore the Data and Time just by double Clicking your User Name -PC Folder
you need to do only double Click the Backup file from your Hard disk or pen drive and select first option" Restore my files from this Backup"

13) Now Browse for the folder and select open folder and then next

14) Decide in original folder location even you Can save it to other location but now select original folder location and Click Restore and lastly click on Finish when Complete the Restoring