Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Forgot Windows 8 Password? Access Your Computer with Facial Logon>>>>>>>>>>

Forgot Windows 8
Password? Access Your
Computer with Facial
>>>>>>Undoubted ly, Windows 7
system is a big success for
Microsoft. According to the
statistics from StatCounter,
Windows 7 now accounts for
33.2% of worldwide PC operating system market
share. Originally released in
October 2009, Windows 7
system is experiencing
impressive gains globally.
Even so, Microsoft never stops its steps. It already is gearing
up to launch the next version
of its Windows operating
system, which is called
Windows 8. Here we simply
discuss what to do if you forgot Windows 8 password.
If you are still irresolute
whether to update your
system to Windows 7,
Windows 8 is another
alternative option for you. According to Microsoft Chief
Executive Steve Ballmer said
on May 23, 2011, Windows 8
for desktop computers and
tablets will ship in 2012. On
June 1, 2011, Microsoft officially unveiled Windows 8
and some of its new features
at the Taipei Computex 2011 in
Taipei and at the D9 conference
in California. It said that
Microsoft will cover more of the new features and
improvements in Windows 8
at the BUILD developer
conference, planned for
September 13, 2011. We
already knew that the new Windows system will
support system-on-a-chi p and mobile ARM processors, which
could signal a new direction
for PC development. Besides,
the upcoming Windows 8 will
also likely offer 3D support
and facial recognition which will help you when you
forgot Windows 8 password,
faster start time and have
built-in access to the Microsoft
app store, etc. What you do
expect most among the functions of
Windows 8 system. Personally
speaking, I'm very interested
in facial recognition as I often
forgot Windows 7 password.
It's said that Windows computers will be able to tell
who is using the computer
using technology that ID's
facial structure on facial
recognition. It means that
when one forgot Windows 8 password, he can get back in
computer with facial logon.