Saturday, June 09, 2012

free ways of using namaste and ncell gprs in nepal

if you are searching for free gprs service fromfor namaste and ncell networks in nepal so you come in a right place here i am going to provide you some tricks for that hope you may like that.
1.for ncell=
This trick is commonly known as 1hr 6min trick.
For this trick, open browser in your mobile and hang of your gprs for about 1hr and 6min and after you will get message like this: 'Your last call charges is 0.00 now your account balance is ..........'
After you get this message, you can search 100kb free. After 100kb uses, your gprs connection will end automatically and wont charge even a paisa.hows that guys is it working reply
2.for namaste=Open your browser and search web page or any things in Google then instead of closing your browser as usual, search number like 20000in google and make a call to that number. You will get message like "you cannot call to this number." But, still try calling it again and again unless the GPRS is automatically stopped by operator. Now your call will be ended then gprs will be stopped. Now close your browser and check your balance. You will get as before

2)This trick may harm your mobile so it is prefferd not to use. Still if you have no problem in your mobile even when you take your battery off without switching the cell, you may still try this trick.
Use applications like opera mini or mig33 or any other internet access application. Use it as much as you like. But make sure it is not disconnected. Later, when you want to close the application, dont close it with the menu option or red master button. Just take out your battery from your mobile without ending gprs or application. Then keep your battery out for about half an hour. Then insert battery, open your cell and check balance. You will not be charged for your data usage.

hows that tricks guys is it working give us